ABZ - Dyce Airport, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

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1 If you're thirsty, there's no need to pay for an overpriced bottle of water: you can get a free glass of water from the bar under Scottish licensing laws.
2 The 727 bus connects the airport with the city centre. Buses run every 10 minutes during the day between the airport and Union Square. You can buy your ticket on the bus, and they give change; save time and money with a period return if you'll be using the bus on your return journey.
3 The long term parking has a minimum two day charge of 25 pounds and goes up to 63 pounds for 6 days. for every day thereafter it's 10.50 pounds and a *£10.50 per day tariff applies on stays of over 7 days.
4 Priority Parking allows you complimentary entry to Priority Security – easing you through to departures, with little or no lines at all. It starts at £1.50 for 15 minutes to £31.00 for 24 hours. £27.50 daily after. Short term parking starts at £1.20 for the first 15 minutes to £22.00 for 24 hours. Every day after is £22.00.
5 The nearest rail station to the airport is Dyce, which is about two miles from the terminal and easily reached by bus or taxi. Dyce station idoes not have staff but tickets can be bought on the train. A standard single Anytime fare to Aberdeen is £2.20 and a return is £3.50. Trains run at least once an hour Monday to Saturday, less frequently on Sundays.
6 Regular buses run from the airport to Aberdeen city centre and other destinations. Services are less frequent at weekends and in the evening, so please confirm bus times with the operator in advance. A bus journey to the centre of Aberdeen takes about 30 minutes in average traffic, longer at peak times
7 Taxis are available from the airport taxi operator, Comcab, outside the front of the terminal. Turn left for the taxi area where a taxi marshal will help you get on your way quickly. Pre-booked Comcab taxis are arranged by the Comcab booking office accessed by turning right from the main entrance. Taxi takes 25 minutes and costs about £15, while a trip to the rail station, Dyce, costs £6 - £7 and...
8 If you are on layover, note that there is nowhere to sleep inside the airport but there are four luxury hotels just minutes away in the city. Prices start as low as £50 to £341 so you are guaranteed to find something affordable. Hospitality and amenities are great.
9 There are seven luxury shops at Aberdeen airport for all your travel or personal needs from boots to luggage.
10 If you are very hungry or just want a light snack and drink, maybe some coffee or a drink of whiskey, everything you want is available prior to security and after for your relaxation.

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