AUA - Reina Beatrix Airport, Aruba, Aruba

Top Tips
1 To park, take a ticket from the dispenser at the entrance and keep it with you. When leaving, use one of the two pay stations located in the arrival building. After payment you have 15 minutes to leave the parking lot. Fees: 3,00 Aruban Florins p/hour, 30 Aruban Florins p/day, 60 Aruban Florins-two days, 75 Aruban FlorinsThree or more days. 75 Aruban Florins-Lost ticket/Towing fee.
2 Taxis are readily available and cost $15-$30 to get to popular destinations. All rides/fares are non-stop; diversions or stops could/will involve extra charges. An extra charge of $2.00 is in place for every additional piece of luggage, carry-on luggage not included. Fare is per taxi and not per passenger and allows up to five passengers.
3 If you prefer public transportation, just outside the airport property there are bus-stops, regularly serviced by Aruba’s Bus transportation company, Arubus.
4 Across the arrival terminal there are 10 car rental operators, including internationally known brands and local, whether you like a car to cruise around the island in style or a 4x4. There are also off-airport car rental operators providing shuttle bus services to and from the airport.
5 Caribbean Mercantile Bank N.V. and an ATM machine are conveniently located at the airport near the Non-US check-in area. Additionally, in the Main Concession Area next to Dufry Perfumes & Cosmetics you can access another CMB ATM machine. In front of the Non-US check in area there is a RBC drive-thru ATM machine.
6 There are eleven restaurants and bars to choose from with absolutely delicious offerings.Whether it is sushi, Pizza or a sandwich meals are available anytime for your fulfillment.
7 Whatever your heart desires, is available duty free at AUA airport. It's like dropping into a luxury mall. Be careful to not spend all your money.
8 There is a Catholic Prayer Room available at Gate 2. Passengers can quietly sit and pray or just have a moment of peace before their flight.
9 At gates 2 and 7, Passengers with a Priority Pass, Airport Angel pass, or Business Class passengers from Avianca and KLM can make use of the VIP Lounges without an additional fee. Other passengers can pay a fee and get access to one of the two VIP Lounges situated at the gates.
10 On a short layover? Enjoy the relaxing sound of the cascading waterfall or just the relaxing atmosphere, while viewing the local sculptures in the Sculpture Garden!

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