AUS - Austin-bergstrom International Airport, Austin, United States

Top Tips
1 If you're not flying Southwest and you've got time to spare, hunt around for the really comfy lounge chairs in an empty Southwest gate (the central part of the airport). You'll get access to an electrical outlet, a usb outlet and a really comfortable chair.
2 A lot of people recommend the Salt Lick barbecue place in Austin-Bergstrom, and it's OK, but don't assume it's the pinnacle of Austin barbecue: you can get better outside the airport.
3 The executive lounge WIFI can be reached from Maudie's Tex Mex. It's free and you can grab some food + surf the web at the same time.
4 There are 3 security lines to get into the terminal (near Southwest, near American and past American [far right]). Pick whichever one is shortest since there is only one terminal and the airport is not that big.

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Wi-Fi Spots

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