AXA - Wallblake Airport, Anguilla, Anguilla

Top Tips
1 There are both short-term and Long-term parking facilities at AXA airport which are both affordable. The parking Lots are also known to be safe.
2 AXA features both car rentals and public transportation such as legitimate taxis and tour bus operators guaranteeing hassle-free ways of arriving at your final destination.
3 In order to not get held up at check-in or end up missing your flight, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport at least two hours early for your domestic AXA flights and three hours prior to your international flights.
4 If you end up on layover at AXA airport, no sweat, there are multiple great hotels in close proximity as well as lovely beaches. Just jump in a taxi and you'll arrive in minutes. the Frangipani Resort at the West end comes highly recommended.
5 A US $20 departure tax applies to all tourists departing from Anguilla. There is no charge for children under twelve years old.
6 At the arrivals area, there are porters available to assist with your luggage. It is customary to tip these persons.

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