BNE - Brisbane International Airport, Brisbane, Australia

Top Tips
1 You have to collect your luggage if you are continuing to Qantas. A bus will take you to the domestic terminal.
2 Need a car to rent? Go to level two at the international terminal and level at domestic.
3 Lockers are available on the ground floor of the International Terminal from 4 AUD (small bag: 0-4 hours) to 12 AUD (large bag: 24 hours).
4 Get free WiFi at International Terminal - levels 3 and 4 in the retail areas. Also the Domestic Terminal - Level 2 retail area. for a maximum of three hours. There are also internet kiosks on Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the International Terminal for AUD 2.00 (20 minutes).
5 If you are on a layover or just have an early morning flight but do not want to sleep in the airport, there are five hotels in very close proximity to the airport.
6 Don't worry about getting cash as there are many ATMs at the international and domestic terminals on all levels.
7 The trolleys are free if you are flying international but you will have to pay 4AUD for it if you are flying domestic.
8 You will find currency exchange booths on levels 2 and 3 at the international terminal and levels 1 and 2 at the domestic terminal.
9 The airport is open 24 hours and there are free showers in both terminals.
10 There are four lounges to relax , grab a bite or a drink while you wait for your flight

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