DEN - Denver International Airport, Denver, United States

Top Tips
1 The cellphone lot offers 253 spaces and great amenities such as indoor restrooms, lounge seating, free wireless internet. There's also a children's play area, flight info display boards and dining options.
2 Very busy on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings. Try to use the north and A Bridge checkpoints as they are less congested than the south checkpoint.
3 To avoid the busy areas, note that all gates are accessible from all checkpoints. Catch a train to all gate areas from the north and south checkpoints. You can also walk to the A gates to catch a train from the A Bridge checkpoint. Expedited TSA PreCheck and CLEAR lanes available.
4 To get through the airport speedily, expedited TSA PreCheck as well as CLEAR lanes are available.
5 Most affordable parking is available at the East and West economy lots for $12/day. Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert satellite lots cost $8/day. shuttles to the terminal run every 10 minutes.
6 Free WiFi and charging stations are available throughout the airport.
7 Grab a taxi to downtown for a flat rate of $55.15 which takes 45 minutes to an hour. A more affordable way is the RTD skyRide bus for $10 to downtown Denver. Approximately 1 hour.
8 Domestic calls are free and unlimited while international phone calls for the first ten minutes are free at more than 200 landline phones throughout the airport.
9 There are many good souvenir and dining options across the concourses.
10 If you are on layover, The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, to the west of the airport is great to visit by taxi or rental car. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

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