DEN - Denver International Airport, Denver, United States

Where can I find power outlets in DEN?

How to find Wifi spots in DEN?

Denver International Airport has two FREE Wi-Fi options. OPTION 1: DEN Airport Free Wi-Fi This service is used for any wireless device used to connect to Denver International Airport’s free Wi-Fi service. To get online, follow these simple steps: Verify your wireless connection is enabled or on Locate the connection named, “DEN Airport Free WiFi.” Select this network and click “Connect” Open an internet browser to see the DEN Airport welcome page If you are having trouble making a connection to DEN Airport Free Wi-Fi, e-mail OPTION 2: Boingo Boingo Wireless provides free and premium Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the airport. To get online, follow these simple steps: Use SSID “Boingo Hotspot” Launch your Internet browser Select a plan – Free Wi-Fi for Web browsing or super-fast Wi-Fi for power users! If you are having trouble making a connection to Boingo, call (800) 880-4117 for customer support. Additional information about both options of free Wi-Fi is available at airport information booths.

Where is the lost and found office of DEN airport?

DIA’s Lost and Found office is located on the north end of Jeppesen Terminal, on level 5, near International Arrivals. The Lost and Found office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. To inquire about an item lost at an airport location (restaurant, bathroom, security screening, etc.) call (303) 342-4062 (menu option 3), or (800) AIR-2DEN (menu option 4). Personal items lost while in flight or at an airline gate are collected and held for claim by the operating airline. Lost luggage is also held for claim by airline companies.

Are there places at DEN airport to store baggage?

No, the airport does not have a baggage storage service