DUS - Düsseldorf International Airport, Dusseldorf, Germany

Top Tips
1 Long term parking at DUS is quite affordable at 35,20 euros for 8 days! Premium parking for business travelers offers valet parking service, exclusive parking areas, car wash and repair service and much more! Short term parking is right at the terminal and perfect for dropping off and picking up passengers.
2 More than 350 trains stop at DUS station located at the eastern end of the airport site. From there, the SkyTrain takes you to the terminal. In addition, Düsseldorf Airport has an S-Bahn station – the 'Düsseldorf Airport Terminal Station' located below Terminal C connected by a moving walkway. The S11 goes from there via Düsseldorf main station to Bergisch Gladbach.
3 There are two bus stations at the airport to multiple locations. One bus station is located outside central arrivals and the other at at ‘Düsseldorf Airport’ railway station. Make sure to double check which one has buses to your destination.
4 The certified airport taxis provide a special service. They are ready and waiting for you at the signposted taxi ranks on the arrivals and departure levels and are indicated by an "Airport Taxi’" badge. To Downtown and Dusseldorf main railway station costs 24 Euros. Downtown Neuss-36 Euros, Downtown Ratingen-22 Euros,Trade Show Center-16 Euros, Downtown Duisburg-48 Euros, downtown Essen-55 Euro an...
5 There's something for every palate on offer at DUS airport - from regional to international cuisines, fast food to fine dining, cafés to bakeries, healthy to sweet treats, for adults and children alike.
6 Over 60 exclusive boutiques from nearly every industry around will offer you everything that your heart desires: from the newest fashion trends to the most stylish lifestyle ranges and from travel accessories to offbeat gifts for your loved ones
7 Every first Sunday between 11:00 and 18:00 DUS stages a range of events from sports events via international performer festivals, travel fairs, children parties and dance performances through to spectacular stage shows there is always exciting entertainment waiting for you.
8 DUS offers passengers and visitors 30 minutes free Wi-Fi. All users have to do is register their email address. After the 30 minutes have elapsed, users can extend their access on payment of a small charge. 30 minutes internet access for 4 Euro (valid for 24 hrs.) 60 minutes internet access for 6 Euro (valid for 24 hrs.) 240 minutes internet access for 12 Euro (valid for 24 hrs.)
9 Automatic Cash Dispensers are located throughout all departures areas, in the central arrivals and at the rail station.
10 If you are in need of financial services, two branches of the Change group are located in the departures area and another is located in the arrivals area. The Stadt-Sparkasse Düsseldorf is located in arrivals.

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