FCO - Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Rome, Italy

Top Tips
1 Traffic is crazy in Rome so leaving the airport by car is not your best option. The Tram has 7 lines which regularly serve the historic city. There are frequent train connections to all Italian and European cities from the Termini station. The station is located northeast of the Palatine Hill and the Ancient Forum. The trains are sufficiently accommodating and fast.
2 FCO offers short and long term parking. The parking station B (Terminal B) comprises 128 parking places, against 32 at the passenger station A (Terminal A). The long term has more than 4000 parking places and is linked to the airport by bus. There is a multi-storey parking connects to the airport by pedestrian crossings.
3 If you are in need of business or postal services, FPO features the Atahotel Executive Centre, which offers spots with internet connection, fax machines, photocopiers and a post-office.
4 For all your monetary transaction needs, FCO provides you with automated teller machines (ATMs) and currency exchange offices.
5 If you need more information about the airport or the city in general, there is also a tourist information office, where you can seek information on anything you wish to know concerning Rome and Italy.
6 If you got injured or need help with a minor health situation, a First Aid station is available, as well as a medical doctor, who can help if needed.
7 Being in the city of top brand name designers, the airport features duty-free shops in passenger station C. You will also find stores like Roma Travel Shop, Fabriano, Venchi, Imaginarium, Tendenze, Tutto-All-Items and Riva.
8 Are you hungry? Care for a drink? In passenger station A you will find many restaurants and coffee shops, like Mc Donalds, Pizza Chef, Harry's Bar, Gran Chef Ristorante, Sport Village Cafe and Bar Tazza d'Oro. In passenger station B are located the Ciao, Spizzico, Sandwich Cafe, Transiti Cafe and in passenger station C the Panoramic, Gran Cafe Goodbye Roma, Gran Cafe Panorama, Frescobaldi Wine Bar...
9 If you like to be pampered while awaiting your flight, British Airways has its lounge on the 2nd floor of Terminal C. Alitalia has lounges in all 3 passenger stations, Air France on the 3rd floor of Terminal B, Italitour in Terminal C and Cisalpina on the 1st floor of Terminal A. In Departures, in Terminal A, there is a lounge for people with disabilities (Sala Amica) that is managed by Alitalia a...
10 If on a long layover, The Hilton Rome Airport is located within the airport, walking distance from the train station. A pedestrian walkway connects the hotel to all domestic and international terminals at the. Signs to the Hilton Rome Airport hotel are clearly visible. The walk takes about 5 minutes. The Hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service to downtown Rome (35 min) 8 times daily

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