GEO - Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Georgetown, Guyana

Top Tips
1 Parking fees are as folows; Motor vehicles including mini buses -GYD 200 per day, GYD 600 overnight Trucks and canters- GYD 400 per day, GYD 600 overnight
2 The airport has an official taxi service. Taxi drivers can be identified by their official badges and uniforms (off-white shirt jack and black pants). Each taxi is equipped with a listing of destinations and the charges for each location. CJIA Corp. recommends the use of taxis from the CJIA Taxi Service.
3 To rent a car upon arrival in Guyana, you must obtain a temporary driver's license there by presenting your valid driver's license and answering some questions. Then you'll be good to go. It is not as rigorous as it sounds.
4 You can take a minibus instead of a taxi from the Airport to Georgetown, the general fare is GYD $5,200 which can fluctuate.If two passengers decide to hire the same bus, they can share the cost since the price would remain the same GYD $5,200.There is also the option of taking a regular bus to Georgetown with other local passengers for GYD $240 per seat.
5 There are three VIP lounges at GEO. Roraima Lounge which is available to all first class passengers and any Caribbean Airlines club members. VIP Lounge is only accessible to members of the Diplomatic Corps, Ministers of Government, other government officials and their immediate family. Executive Lounge is manned by CJIA's management.
6 Duty Free shopping is available in the Departures Lounge where you can get Guyana’s world-renowned rums and other spirits, fine fragrances, craft and other items. Multiple currencies are accepted.
7 Food and drink concessionaires are located in the Departures Lounge and on the CJIA lawns.
8 There is a departure tax that you must pay prior to leaving Guyana. Total Tax Amount Payable: GYD $4,000 which is also accepted in several other currencies. You can ask at the counter.
9 The secure wrapping service at GEO costs: Regular Suitcase/item – GYD $1200 GYD / US $6, Regular Suitcase Item and Guarantee – GYD $2000/ US $10, Special Packaging Services & Guarantee – GYD $5000 GYD/ US $25 and U- Wrap Kit & Guarantee - GYD $2000/US $10
10 Baggage porters are available at the Departure and arrivals lounges. These porters can be easily identified by their Red Caps. The standard fee is GYD$200.00 per bag / suitcase. Additional tipping is at the discretion of the passenger.

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