HEL - Helsinki-vantaa Airport, Vantaa, Finland

Top Tips
1 When you arrive at the airport to wait for passenger, or to visit the airport for another reason, drive along the parking lane on the left. Park your vehicle in the Pikaparkki area, marked in green.There are Pikaparkki areas in front of both terminals. You can also park in the parking garage for a low cost.
2 The disabled parking permit entitles the holder to free parking in all car parks at the airport. In order to get a free exit receipt, present the entry ticket and your disabled parking permit at the service desk. Finavia has introduced four recharging stations for electric cars at Helsinki Airport. They are available for everyone parking their car. The recharging stations are suitable for medium-...
3 Finnair City Bus and Airport Bus 615 (620 during night time) operate to and from Helsinki City Center (railway station). From Tikkurila Railway station operates Airport Bus 61. Timetables and routes for Airport Buses and buses for various parts of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area can be easily found on the web site of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL).
4 Bus to nearby hotels and airport parking areas is available is free. Both arriving and departing buses stop in front of the terminals. Taxi to the center of Helsinki takes about 30 minutes and costs approx. 45 to 50 euros. There are also three taxi operators at Helsinki Airport that offer special taxi services, fixed fare shared taxi, tours and charter rides.
5 There are 24 hour storage facilities open at both Terminals for your convenience.
6 Whether you are arriving or departing, HEL has a wide array of stores for you to stop and grab whatever you need. If leaving, get all your duty free items and brand name products or if arriving, stop at the convenience store in arrivals hall to grab some stuff you will definitely need at home after your long trip.
7 From sweet treats at the Chocolate shop to Cesar's pizza or whatever else you choose at the Food court, there is something to suit your palate at Helsinki airport.
8 If you are on layover, there are two hotels at HEL airport. Hotel Hilton Helsinki Airport, Next to terminal 2 (Lentäjänkuja 1) and Hotel GLO Helsinki Airport, Terminal 2, ground floor 24 h, lobby bar 9-01.30. There are other hotels nearby.
9 Do not worry about getting your money changed as there are multiple currency exchange booths across the airport.
10 There are ATMS at Gates 14, 26 and 32, Terminal 1 and Terminal 1 arrivals.

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