IST - Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

Top Tips
1 Terminal 1 is for domestic flights, Terminal 2 for international flights and Terminal 3 for cargo flights
2 If you entered on an international flight and need to connect to a domestic flight, head straight to the terminal. however if you did not get a boarding pass at your origin point you will have to proceed to domestic check-in.
3 The muti-story car park rate starts at 10.50 TL for the first hour to 34 TL between 12 and 24 hours while the Open Car Park rates start at 8.00 TL for cars/11.00 TL for coaches to 24 TL for cars 12=24 hours and 32 TL for coaches 12-24 hours.
4 At the International Terminal, you will find three bank and currency exchange offices in the arrivals area, one Bank and Currency Exchange office and one Currency Exchange only office at the departure lounge.
5 There are free Wireless internet connections available at the Arrivals, Departures and General Aviation Terminals. This service is only free at the lounges of the Arrivals and Departures Terminals but elsewhere within the Terminals come with a cost.
6 There are nine gift shops at the departures area of the International Terminal and eleven at the departures area of the Domestic Terminal.
7 There are buffet services available both at the departure and arrivals areas land side. Meanwhile, the airport market is at the subway level.
8 If you need assistance, there are 12 information kiosks split between arrivals and departures at the International Terminal and two at the domestic terminal.
9 There are eight 24-hour mosques at Ataturk Airport. Two at the check-in area, 2 at the in transit area of the International Terminal, 2 at the arrivals floor and 2 in the departure gates area of the Domestic Terminal.
10 Prime Class Lounge is open to you whether you are an executive or not, 24/7. It is beautifully decorated and offers the highest comfort with self-service buffet options of fresh and delicious complimentary food, personal massage chairs, internet, TV, tablet facilities, newspapers and magazines, shower rooms, perfumes and personal care products.

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