LAX - Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, United States

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1 Best food at each terminal: 1: Pinkberry. 2: La Brea Bakery, Nate 'N Al's Delicatessen. 3: Gladstone's 4 Fish Restaurant. 4: Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, Homeboy Café. 5: Lemonade Restaurant, Skewers by Chef Morimoto. 7: B Grill by BOA Steakhouse and La Brea Bakery.
2 Heading to Downtown LA from the airport, there are free shuttles from each terminal to the Green Line light rail station. Go downstairs and transfer to the Blue Line and in minutes you'll be there. Heading to Hollywood, switch to the Red Line, which will take you to Hollywood and Highland.
3 Go to the lower level outside the baggage claim area if you need a taxi. They charge $15 minimum fare to leave the airport or $46.50 flat rate to go Downtown. You should add a $4 airport fee to whatever your fare amounts to.
4 Renting a car at the airport is more expensive than let's say nearby Santa Monica and other places. The service is pretty slow as well and the discomfort in the buses combined with traffic are not worth it. Just jump on a train and rent a car later Downtown or Hollywood..
5 Do not plan to shop for souvenirs inside the airport as they are not very appealing neither is there many options.
6 Most inexpensive parking is at Economy Lot C (at 96th St. and Sepulveda Blvd.), $12/day. Hourly parking is free for the first 2 hours, $4/ hour after. Free shuttle to terminals. Park One public parking, adjacent to Terminal 1 is $15.95/day. Valet (uncovered): $21.95. (Discounts for Seniors, AAA members.) Shuttle to terminal.
7 There is free wifi and Samsung charging outlets in every terminal.
8 Want a burger fix at In-And-Out Burger, Westchester? Hop on a Parking Spot Shuttle Bus that head for the Sepulveda garage. It is next to the In-And-Out branch of Westchester. Just walk over and order your "animal style" double-double. Order take-out. Exit the restaurant and sit on the grass patch just across the road and watch the coming in to land at LAX. Got a long lens paired with a camera? Eve...
9 Sometimes you have to leave security, get out of the building and then back in to get to your connecting flight.
10 Economy Lot C offers the cheapest daily parking at $12/day. Hourly, free for the first 2 hours; $4 each additional hour and free shuttle to terminals. LAX operates Park One public parking, adjacent to Terminal 1. $15.95/day. Valet (uncovered): $21.95. (Discounts for Seniors, AAA members.) Shuttle to terminal.

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