MHT - Manchester-boston Regional Airport, Manchester, NH, United States

Top Tips
1 Cell-Phone Lot is Short Term & Free -Driver must stay with car while waiting. Lot A-Hourly, $2 /half-hour, $24/day, Max vehicle height of 6'9". Parking Garage Daily, $2/half-hour, $17/day $85/week, Max vehicle height of 8'0". Lots C, D Long-Term $2 per half-hour $10 daily max Free shuttle bus service is offered for all long-term parking lots.
2 MHT has free wireless internet throughout the entire airport. If you're waiting for your flight or for a plane to arrive, connect to the FlyManchester wireless network and you're all set!
3 The Centrix Bank Business Center is a free lounge designed for frequent business travelers. The Centrix Bank Business Center is located past security between Gates 4 and 5. The center is open from 6am - 7pm every day.
4 There are 21 hotels which offer shuttle service to the airport in the event you need to stay at one while on layover.
5 Seven car rental agencies, multiple taxi, limousine, shuttle and bus services as well operate out of MHT airport. You are guaranteed a comfortable and affordable ride to your destination.
6 For your financial need, St. Mary's Bank ATM is located at the Bag Claim B (1st floor).
7 Food & Beverage Dunkin' Donuts Atrium (2nd floor) Great American Bagel Bakery Atrium (2nd floor) Shipyard Pub (603) 624-5541 Atrium (2nd floor)
8 Hudson News Gift Shop (603) 668-1266 Atrium (2nd floor)
9 There are eight vending machines before the security area for your convenience.
10 After the security checkpoint, you will find several food options to satisfy your palate.

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