NRT - New Tokyo International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

Top Tips
1 Non-Japanese visitors can take the Narita Express (N'EX) to many destinations in Tokyo and Yokohama (including connections via JR) for just ¥1500. It's only valid from the airport, though: you'll need a full-price ticket on your way back.
2 If your baggage didn't arrive, the Uniqlo in Terminal 2 departures is a convenient place to pick up a change of clothes. They have a special offer when you buy socks, underwear, and a top together, just for this scenario.
3 If it's your first time, then the Friendly Limousine Bus really is the simplest choice if you're staggering off of a long flight
4 If you are on layover. give yourself at least three hours of traveling time if you intend to enjoy yourself and make it back on time for your connecting flight.
5 If you need to get from one terminal to the next, there are shuttle buses available and they only take ten minutes.
6 Whatever last minute financial transaction you need to carry out, both terminals have banks, ATMs and bureaux de change. There are also postal services available at both terminals.
7 If you are hungry, there is a wide array of selections across the airport, however most restaurants are located at the fourth floor of each terminal.
8 Whatever your shopping needs are, both terminals offer a bit of everything including duty-free items. You can get Japanese arts and crafts to designer clothing, perfumes and more on the fourth and fifth floors of Terminal 1 and the fourth floor of Terminal 2.
9 If you have too many items, don't worry; luggage storage services and luggage lockers are available in both terminals.
10 If traveling with your pet, there is a pet hotel in Terminal 2, which offers veterinary services.

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