PEK - Beijing Capital Int. Airport, Beijing, China

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1 If you are on a layover, no need to leave the airport, T3 provides 24 hour hotel style accommodations with single and standard rooms, TV programs, movies etc. It is located to the west side of the public space in the Arrival Hall at 2F of T3. Small conference services, reading area, coffee bars, bath, massage and other hotel services are also available. Location: east side of the Internationa...
2 Four locker rooms are available, all equipped with mirrors, tabletops, chairs and hangers in the Baggage Claim Hall. South of Eastern & Western Domestic Baggage Claim Area Hall of T3-C; South of International Baggage Claim Hall of T3-C
3 T3 is very huge so there are many eco-friendly electric trucks to take you around for free. The elderly, children, pregnant women, the disabled and persons late for their flights get priority.
4 There are five banks to choose from between the arrivals and departure terminals for all your monetary needs at PEK airport.
5 Foreign exchange facilities are located east and west of the international baggage claim areas as well as the public space of the international arrivals area.
6 There are seven ATMs strategically located in the Arrivals area.
7 There are multimedia telephone sets located at some entrances of the terminal, and also near each boarding gate. The cards can be obtained same place.
8 There is a lovely play area in T3 equipped with television and many toys for your kids' enjoyment.
9 There are special nursing rooms adjacent to each bathroom where mothers can change their babies and also catch a nap.
10 The Business Center addresses all your executive needs and can be found west of Domestic-to-Domestic Transfer Hall at 2F of T3-C; Digital Harbor at 1F of central area in International Lounge of T3-E. from 7:00 am.-9:30 pm.

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