ZRH - Zürich-Kloten Airport, Zurich, Switzerland

Top Tips
1 Open-air car park P60 at the edge of the airport site offers the least expensive parking spaces. The terminal is approx. ten minutes away on foot (baggage carts available). The "Werft" stop is 100 metres from car park P60. Buses offer regular, continuous services between the car park and the airport. Vehicles taller than 2 metres can park in car parks P40 and P60 (long-term parking).
2 Multi-storey car parks P1 (Check-in 1 and Arrival 1), P2 (Check-in 2 and Arrival 2) and P3 (Check-in 3) are directly linked to the main airport building. To park for three days or more, car park P6 offers a cheaper alternative to car parks P1-3. The main airport building can be reached in just 5 minutes via the covered walkway. There are three parking spaces available for electric vehicles next t...
3 With around 350 train, 700 bus and 400 tram connections a day, Zurich Airport is easily accessible and ten minutes from Zurich city center. The SBB travel center is located in the Check-in 3 area. The ticket counters are open 06:15 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Arriving passengers can purchase tickets from the machines in customs halls 1 and 2 or ticket machines beside the SBB travel center.
4 Foreign Exchange Counters, Banks and ATM machines are available all across the airport both prior to security and post-security.
5 The kids' lounges at Departures A & E have bright and spacious playrooms, with toys for all ages. The team of child care experts speak various languages and will be happy to provide you with information and assistance. If you're travelling with a baby, you can use the baby changing facilities, care products and rooms for sleeping and breastfeeding free of charge.
6 If you are on layover, the Transit Hotel at Zurich Airport is the perfect choice. The simply furnished rooms are situated in Gates B/D. You can choose between single, double and multi-bed rest rooms. All rooms have a wash basin and TV. Rest areas with comfy reclining chairs are also available if you don't feel the need for your own room.
7 If you had to rush to the airport or want to freshen up after a long flight, there are shower facilities for CHF 15 located at:the Transit Hotel, Gates D, open 24/7 Public area at the Service Center, car park 2, level 1, open daily from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
8 There are 12 Day Rooms and Lounges to choose from across the airport for you to relax prior to departure. The services vary but are all first class.
9 Zurich Airport allows you to surf the Internet free of charge at the airport for one hour. After the free minutes, additional surfing credit may be purchased.
10 There are guided bus tours with commentary of the airport available for 1 ¼-hour. You go past the hangars, the maintenance area, the professional fire brigade and rescue service, across the aprons to the runway intersection. Past Dock A, the Airside Center, the nature conservation area between the runways, to the tunnel beneath runway 28.

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